Board Members

Board of Directors

President: Christopher Phillips
Treasurer: Carl Beams
Secretary: June Lisk
Jennifer Bardwell
Kevin Farrell
Denise Green
Lisa Magliano
Jane Murphy
Sheryl Nevin
Shawn Poole
Dan Toskaner
Mark Uzzo
Sandy Wells
David Wilson
Roseann Whypp

Executive Director: Melanie Paggioli

In recognition of Bob Crane’s retirement on August 15, 2013:

Bob Crane, as Executive Director, was the backbone of the Friends from the very beginning.  Without Bob’s guidance and dedication, this Collection would never have thrived and succeeded.  While he has retired,  we are still expecting emails which share information on the latest books and concert reviews as well as corrections for the web sites!  

Bob, it’s been our pleasure. You will be missed beyond words.    

In recognition of Anne Noss’ retirement on November 1, 2016:

For decades, Bruce Springsteen’s bigheartedness toward diverse groups of affected people and communities around the world has inspired an outpouring of philanthropy and good deeds on the part of his fans.  These fan acts come in all shapes and sizes – including donations of time, talent, money, voice, and the leveraging of personal and professional relationships on behalf of Boss worthy causes.

In the summer of 2001, over lunch at a sidewalk café in Washington D.C., two fans ruminated over the rapid disappearance of early published accounts of Springsteen’s career.  Too many magazines with early album reviews, too many newspapers with concert reviews, were ending up in the hands of private collectors.  Wouldn’t it make sense to act now, gathering and storing ephemeral items in a preservation environment for the future edification of fans and researchers?

Days later, Backstreets editor Christopher Phillips issued a call for donations of early articles and shortly thereafter, magazines from the late 1960s and early ‘70s began arriving at the Backstreets office in gratifying numbers.  Also arriving was a message from a college reference librarian, who introduced herself as a longtime fan and New Jersey resident.  Was there any need, she inquired, for someone with her talents to help organize these materials?

That message was sent by Anne Noss.  She suggested that as the volume of materials increased, someone might want to develop an online user guide, providing useful and reliable information on the content of this expanding collection. As it turned out, Anne was that someone.

Thus began The Bruce Springsteen Special Collection, as a publicly accessible resource for anyone with a serious interest in Bruce’s career.  Today, the Collection holds over 20,000 items, and its Website is in its second iteration.  This did not happen overnight.  It most likely never would have happened with the existing degree of professionalism without Anne.  For the better part of a decade, Anne organized and continually updated the online face of the Collection, handling tens of thousands of lines of content and, with the best instincts of a talented librarian, made certain that what appeared online was succinct, factually correct, grammatical, and thoroughly documented.  Those of us who worked with Anne during those years see her imprint on all phases of the Collection, and now, as she retires as Vice President of The Friends of The Bruce Springsteen Special Collection, we say thanks for your dedication, passion, and bighearted contribution.