Announcing a special contest

Gallery 5.9.1974 announces first print “giveaway” of 40th anniversary limited edition 20” x 30” Bruce Springsteen print: Two prints to be distributed free to public in first offering.  






You could win this historic image.

In the spring of 2014 Gallery 5.9.1974 commissioned a special limited edition of Barry Schneier’s iconic image of Bruce Springsteen from his legendary May 8, 1974 performance at the Harvard Square Theatre in Cambridge, MA. It was this evening, this performance that Jon Landau penned his legendary quote “I saw rock and roll’s future and its name is Bruce Springsteen”.

Starting on November 14th, fans can enter their names to win this prize print.  It is a 20” x 30” museum quality print, signed by the artist, is printed on silver gelatin paper and selenium toned to create an archival quality preserving its value for generations to come 

Entries can be submitted in two ways. Individuals can either “Like” the Gallery5.9.1974 Facebook page or submit their email address to the Gallery’s “join us” email list at

Two winners will be picked by random selection. One on November 26th and one on December 3rd of this year. Individuals who have already “Liked” the gallery Facebook page or have previously submitted their names will be considered already entered. 

The story behind the image

In the trajectory of Bruce Springsteen’s career, May 9th, 1974 is a historic milestone. His performance that night at Harvard Square Theater opening for Bonnie Raitt was when journalist Jon Landau, his manager to this day, witnessed and proclaimed Springsteen, “rock and roll future.” It was also the night that “Born to Run” was played live for the first time. Springsteen was still an unknown at that time. Music historians have commented that Springsteen knew that he had a special opportunity that night, and was determined to make the most of it. Real Paper music critic (and Rolling Stone contributor) Landau was to be in the audience. But Springsteen was not the headliner, he was opening for Bonnie Raitt. As photographer Barry Schneier arrived in the afternoon for soundcheck, “I could sense it. The way he directed the band through rehearsal and the way they responded… this was a man on a mission. A man with a purpose that the band wholeheartedly understood.” Springsteen’s performance that night became that of legend.

The show would turn out to be a watershed moment in the young Springsteen’s career. The phrase “I saw the future of rock and roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen” would become the bane of Bruce’s existence in the months that followed, but would lay the foundation for his relationship with Jon Landau.